Index monitoring NPS, CSI, SERVQUAL.
Customer satisfaction studies based on the fundamental parameters of a product.
Analysis of client satisfaction in touch points.
Profiling of clients databases.
Market research & market segmenting.
"How are you" calls - preventive work with the outflow (churn) of customers.
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Many successful projects have been implemented for years of our work, a lot of knowledge has been accumulated as well. We would be glad to share it with you. We could give you some useful tips on how some tool may work out in your particular case or which methodology should be used to achieve great results. Script-writers alongside with our sociologist come up with the best wording of questions and professional interviewers realize the field research. We have already made our fair share of mistakes and stepped on all rakes to make our today's work run smoothly.
We have our own CATI-studio which consists of 150 workplaces. It allows us to undertake projects which imply the necessity to process tens of thousands surveys monthly. Instead of outsourcing fieldworks to contractors we do everything on our own. NPS.CENTER has close links with the Department of Sociology of Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics. Our team includes an experienced sociologist, analytics, marketers, and a designer. Such a combination makes it possible to perform full cycle projects on favorable terms. The whole process from the technical specifications to the final result in a form of easily perceivable and colorful report is conducted within a reasonable time frame.
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Quality-driven services, adequacy, flexibility, smiles, intelligence, experience, thirst for new knowledge, responsiveness, and responsibility for the result. It is a pleasure to deal with us! Let's try working together and you will see that it is worth it ;)
Our clients
Companies which trust us:
Stages of a project:
Development and harmonization of a survey
On the first step it is essential to establish such benchmarks as goals, objectives, and methodology of the research. The optimal survey is developed by our script-writers, who work alongside with our customer. It balances the comprehensiveness of the information, which is crucial for the further analytics, and high-level conversion of contacts into completed questionnaires.
Programming of a survey in the CATI-system
The questionnaire is constructed to be easy in use. Its interface is convenient and intuitively understandable for users. Interviewers work with an interactive script. They mark all the answers online so that it is not allowed to capture data using any offline carriers.
CATI is the most important and labour-intensive stage of the project. Firstly, interviewers are trained and the questionnaire is thoroughly tested. Interviewers communicate with respondents according to the script and our department of quality control ensures compliance with standards. At the same time the automated script monitors the amount of collected surveys.
Coding, processing, data analysis
After the response process is completed, the team of analytics starts to code the collected answers. The results of the surveys are coded, answers to open questions are structured, and then all the obtained information is put into summary tables. Afterwards, we determine patterns and correlation with such parameters as ARPU (average bill), the socio-demographic profile of your clients etc.
Preparation of a report
The final report is made on the basis of all data collected and processed on the previous stages. The report describes methodology of the research, results, conclusions, and recommendations. Usually our designers create the final presentation according to client's brand-book to guarantee consistency of corporate standards and style.
What kind of tasks we solve?
Our researches might be customized. Look what you may get as a result and choose only what you need:
Monitoring of NPS index
Are your clients ready to recommend your product or service? We look out for dynamics of NPS and compare it with your key competitors' rates. We analyze patterns and relations then we give you our competent opinion
Profiling of clients databases
The research outlines the socio-demographic profile of your clients, describes clients' needs and the way they see an ideal service provider. It also points out some certain characteristics of customers who prone to outflow
Customer satisfaction
We analyze client satisfaction taking into account the main parameters of a product (service). Also, client satisfaction is analyzed from the touch points (company's website, contact center, sales and service offices etc.)
"How are you" calls
Identification of customer segments which prone to outflow. Offer of targeted bonuses. Looking for the most problematic areas. Preventive work with the outflow of customers
Where your customers come from?
Revelation of your competitors. Understanding the reasoning of clients, who choose your product over the one of your competitors. Analysis of customer traffic sources and finding the most efficient ones
Motivation to action
It is necessary that your clients use their personal online account instead of calling to contact-center? We could remind them how useful it is. Probably you want to boost the channel of sales based on recommendations? We will inform people about new bonuses of the Member-get-member program.

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